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Connie Chan

Venture Capitalist

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Hope is one of the most beautiful and necessary things in the world. It is my mission to use venture capital as a vehicle to identify and support founders who hope for a better future -- one that's more enjoyable, more efficient, built with first principles in mind. I love partnering with founders who believe in change.

I blog about business models, new markets that I'm interested in, and global learnings. Sign up for my newsletter below, and if you're building something new, I'd love to hear from you.

Trying On Vintage Clothes
"Unlike most investors, Connie has strong insights in customer behavior, strategy and marketing. She's patient, and tackles challenges together with our team." 

Michael Wang, CEO/Co-founder of Cider

Investment Philosophy

I once heard that two people are truly in love when they are both in love with a third ideal. When I invest in a company, I share with the founders a deep desire to see their company achieve its vision, in the biggest way possible. We work together to maximize the startup's presence and impact on the world.

Ben Horowitz, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, has described my investment style as the following: "Connie approached investments in a very different way than our other partners. While the rest of us described deals beginning with the entrepreneur and the size of the opportunity, Connie always saw things from the target customer point of view first then worked her way back to the entrepreneur and the market size."


I can't help but think about products and where they can naturally evolve.

I love partnering on strategy, working closely with founders to come up with their short and long term plans to win. 

“Connie has a unique characteristic that very few investors have. Rather than following VC hyped Twitter trends of the day, she has the unique ability to see what the future entails. Grant and I brought Connie as our first board member and we do not regret it. Connie's valuable insight, product intuition & critical business has been a huge advantage for Whatnot."

-Logan Head, CTO/Co-founder of Whatnot

Connie is a compelling visionary who charts her own course with confidence.


Connie's foresight crosses domains. She'd been investing in consumer tech businesses around the world, driven by her observations in China. And then made a big early bet on another China-led trend -- electric vehicles -- based not just on her view of consumer adoption, but on well considered views of where in the value chain there were especially good opportunities.


Connie's investment in KoBold demonstrates her calm confidence to follow through on good ideas, even when they don't match other people's preconceptions. Connie co-led KoBold's Series A -- our first financing -- right after she had been named General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, their first ever internal promotion to GP. After a career as a consumer tech investor, her first deal as GP was a mining company. She knew it was right, she brought everyone along with her, and it's been a smashing success for a16z and for KoBold.


Connie is also an authentic leader, a master storyteller, and a great supporter of her teams. She cares deeply about the founders she works with and takes a holistic view of the success of people and enterprises."

-Josh Goldman, Ph.D., Co-Founder & President, KoBold Metals

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